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        Company Intro

                Hongfei Industrial and Commercial Co. Ltd. is located in the city of Wuxi (in Jiangsu Province of P. R. China), which is on the border of the beautiful Taihu Lake. Wuxi is a developed city with nice scenery. It is one of the top 15 economic central cities and one of the 10 most attractive cities for sightseeing.
        Hongfei was founded in 1993 and has over-10-year rich experience for the production of high-speed textile bearings and open-end fittings. It is the supplier   of rotor bearing with many years in China. The products include, but not limited to:
        - Rotor cup textile bearings (Rotor bearings, Opening Roller bearings, Press pully bearings, Guide Pulley bearings, Return Roller bearings and cots bearings) and their corresponding completes.
        - Type D resilient mountings, inserts, navels, and separators
        - Bearings for the high-speed Terylene spring machines The maximum speed of our products has already exceeded 110,000 rpm(and that at the speed of 150,000 rpm is under research). Hongfei is equipped with advanced manufacturing and testing facilities. Furthermore, we have a strong technical force with high capability on research and development, and also we maintain a high level of management
        Hongfei takes “trust, devotion, innovation and initiative” as its objectives. In 2002 we obtained the certificate of the International Quality & Management System ISO9001:2000. In 2006 we acquired also the certificate of the Environmental Management System ISO14001:2004. We will keep our system running continuously and effectively.
        Hongfei has registered its trademarks in many countries and regions. Meanwhile our products have been exported to Czech Republic, India, Pakistan, Germany, Turkey, the United States ,Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, etc.. Our products are highly appreciated by our foreign customers, which encourages us to further expand our international market share.
        In order to adapt the products to different applications, we can customize them for the specific requirements of our customers. Hongfei is also available to develop and design any type of high-speed double-row bearings.